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written by AirAmbrosia

The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown – The Evolution of a Funk Revelation Began with a College Jam

The sexiest music artists today “get down” with the whole creative process, treating everything they do as art, and recognizing their power to create as one Big Ol’ interconnected self determined design. Their artistry does not come to a slam after the jam is over. They are brave, independent, trailblazing, innovative, holistic, business savvy music conspirators …is what. “Walking to the beat of their own drum” to manifest their dreams;  these sorts characterize the booming musicians of the new millennium.

So naturally, I was pleasantly surprised when I caught wind of a magnanimously shaped musical development known as “The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown.” When I first heard about this special project involving the multi-colorful legend, George Clinton, I was clearly fascinated.  I had a hunch it had to be something cosmically funkrageous if Dr.Funkenstein himself had a role in steering this sound ship. So as always, I was down to explore new musical galaxies.This trip took me to a totally new supersonic dimension, one that funked me in a totally unexpected way. Listening to the album for the first time, I felt immediately stung by a “lyrical Superfly;”  causing me to intermingle into a vast array of dynamic mood- making melodic shifts. I could feel a revelation buzzing in the air, sliding and gliding its way deelply in and out of my auditory perception. I felt then that the Evolution of Funk had begun.

The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown’s Story

After three decades of funk-plosive jams pumping through the veins of American music culture, a civilization began to amass, and a love seed was planted. This band-project, is in essence the “Love Child” born out of a deep adoration and respect for the rich history of Funk in America, and a mindfulness concerning the future of this music movement……………….. Read Entire Article by clicking here



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