Outstanding Reviews for “Volume 1” Continue to Arrive Daily. Here’s One From First Dose Music

Reposted: from www.firstdosemusic.com

written by: Sam Sklover

Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown – Vol. I

written by: sam

Yes, this album is as crazy as the picture.

No you’re not hallucinating. Actually, you may be. Have fun if you are. But before this picture turns to snakes or cup cakes (or snake cupcakes), let me explain this picture to you.

A couple of days ago I received a comment on the blog from the bassist of this funky progeny, asking me (after a lovely introduction) just to check out some stuff. Now I don’t talk to strangers, but the best funk is often found in sketchy white vans, so I happily obliged.

My first impression was “this shit rocks”. That was also my second impression. My third impression will be of Woody Allen (I would’ve used cricket noises here but the youtube video got pulled for copyright infringement, go figure). But in all seriousness, this band has got everything.

And by everything, I mean every body. George Clinton, as well as members of Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, Parliament-Funkadelic, Derek Trucks Band, Kool & The Gang, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty band, plus a slew of others (I’ve been meaning to use the word slew for quite some time now). Even the cover art is done by the man who does all of Erykah Badu’s album art. And like all things having any relation to Erykah Badu, this shit is cool.

But the craziest part of all of this, is the story for the band. What ended up as 110 members from 70 touring bands, started as 35 musicians living in a house down in New Orleans, recording this album together, regardless of their style.

The funk collective (funk-lective?) has already received critical attention (other than from star writer/super hero/over-exaggerator Sam Sklover), taking home the 2011 Funk/Groove song of the year from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, that song being the next thing in this article. Unless you count this sentence.

The album, Volume 1, comes out May 22nd, and be sure to check out their tour dates when they pop up here. P.S. word has it a Volume 2 is already in the works.

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